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    We are an unofficial fansite for all things Duck Life! Browse the site to play Duck Life 1, 2, 3, & 4. Also keep an eye out for news on upcoming releases.

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  • The One That Started It All...

    Play the original Duck Life.

    As the only survivor on a farm hit by a tornado, it's up to you to become a champion racing duck and earn the money to buy back the farm.

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  • The Farm Has Been Saved...

    But there is more duck racing to be done.

    In Duck Life 2 you have more training, duck upgrades, better food, and more. Check out it out and try to become a champion.

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  • Time For Some Evolution...

    Yep, in Duck Life 3 your ducks can evolve.

    Once again you need to train up your duck and enter it in races! This time though, Duck Life mirrors Pokemon and the ducks can evolve to become naturally better at certain skills.

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  • And The Newest Duck Life...

    In Duck Life 4 you can have more than one duck.

    That's right buy more ducks in the shop along with accessories. With more options than ever Duck Life 4 is a must play.

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Duck Life 1

Duck Life 2: World Champion

Duck Life 3: Evolution

Duck Life 4