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Duck Life 3 – Evolution


DuckLife 3 – Evolution – The New Duck Life Game



Duck Life 3 is here. In this new Duck Life Game you will have to help your Duck evolve to give him the best Duck Life possible. In the beginning you’ll need to pick which type of Duck you want. The choices are Athletic Type, Swimming Type, Flying Type, or Strength Type.  You will have to play around with them to see which type is your favorite. Below you’ll find some pictures from DuckLife 3.  You can see the different type of ducks to choose from and the first stage of evolution. DuckLife 3 is the newest Game in the DuckLife series.

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    is super game!!!!!!!!!!! and hypers gamesssssssssssssssssssssssss

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    once i beat it

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    The Scotland Duck? No Problem!

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    duck stuff

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    Can u play this on tablet 🙂

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    Duck life is the best game ever

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    this game is awesome i lov it

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    hey awsome replys butt im the master i beat the game in a half and hour

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    hey everyone

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